Mission and Vision

Our Mission
East Nashville Cooperative Ministry (ENCM) is a Christian, ecumenical ministry organized for the purpose of improving the health and welfare of the residents of the East Nashville Community.

Our Vision
ENCM envisions a Nashville where citizens’ needs—spiritual, educational, economic, mental, physical, and emotional—are holistically met and neighborhoods are enabled to thrive. We contribute to this vision with food, clothing and education.

Our Organization
ENCM is a 501c3 non-profit, interdenominational organization, which is currently supported by several dozen faith communities and hundreds of individuals. This support enables us to serve as a “safety-net” and a “developer.” As a safety-net we help the elderly, poor, disabled, unemployed, and disadvantaged with emergency food assistance and emergency access to clothing. As a developer, we work to empower community well-being through food security. We educate on matters of food production and consumption and grow, glean, and reclaim fresh whole foods for allocation in impoverished communities.